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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fannie Mae "Isn't An FSA" Appeal, First Impression, HBOR Related

It should be known that those who filed this appeal were instrumental in bringing HBOR forward when it was in the legislature.

          One of the attorneys (Ms. Kim) just helped a process server, a friend of ours, stop the sale of her property least we could do was to make it known, that this appeal below will undoubtedly give some other owners out there, more information about  Fannie Mae and the other groups (like banks) that helped to ruin the country with foreclosures.

We know many believe that the foreclosures were all for poor people who didn't deserve a house to begin with. It is true that minorities disproportionately were affected.... Unfortunately, we have seen enough case law to know that many foreclosures were not necessarily against poor people, or small loans; but to the contrary.


1) Did the trial court err when it found HBOR’s prohibition against “robo-signing” documents (§2924.17) preempted by the federal HOLA?

 2) Did the trial court err in applying HOLA preemption to Fannie Mae when Fannie Mae is not a federal savings association (FSA) regulated by HOLA? 

3) Did the trial court err when it dismissed Ratterree’s wrongful foreclosure action? 

4) Did the trial court err when it sustained Defendant’s demurrer without leave to amend? 

Although the case may be first impression, it just goes to show that even judges can't figure out when (or not)--- Fannie Mae is wrong. 

                     ..... And People don't like Trump???                      

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